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Smoking Shelters UK – Outdoor Ashtrays – Wall Mounted Cigarette Bins

In order to meet government regulations for the smoking ban Shell2Smoke can provide you with a wide range of value smoking shelters, cigarette bins and accessories.
Our high quality shelters are fully compliant with UK legislation and come in a wide choice of colours as standard.

Benefits of smoking ban products:-

  • Provide a durable area for people to smoke in giving them protection from   the weather.
  • Reduce smoking litter from surrounding areas of your premises
  • Avoid facing possible penalties

Shell2Smoke offers an all in one practical and economical solution which can provide your organisation a safe designated smoking area for your staff and customers.

Through years of discussion with our customers we have been able to develop a variety of smoking shelters manufactured in the UK based on quality and price.

Quality : The framework of our shelters is either manufactured using heavy duty mild steel with polyester powder colour coating or galvanised steel with optional colour coating. The glazing is clear petg or polycarbonate providing UV protection and impact resistance.

Price : Shelters from £ 299.00

Outdoor ashtrays from £ 14.99

Our range includes curved roof, flat roof, canopy / wall mountable shelters, floor standing and wall mountable cigarette ashbins mainly manufactured from high grade stainless steel providing many years of use.

For added peace of mind all of our smoking shelters are compliant to UK smoking ban regulations which states that atleast 50 % of the smoking shelter area must be open to allow the free flow of air.

We also provide a bespoke solution service catering for any individual requirements or modifications prior to manufacture.

We are specialists with a built reputation in catering for a variety of organisations which include manufacturing sites, offices, healthcare, transport, retail & leisure, pubs, clubs, restaurants, educational institutions and local authorities.