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Recycled plastic furniture for schools, playgrounds etc…

Welcome to the Go Green range of quality recycled plastic products from Tamstar Ltd. As a non biodegradable compound it is almost impossible to dispose of plastic.
Our aim is to increase recycling of plastic waste and in turn provide additional commitment in confronting environmental issues in particular reducing our carbon footprint.
The award winning range of profiles used on our products have been made in UK from 100% recycled UK mixed waste and are designed to complement both rural and urban settings.
Benefits of using recycled plastic:-
  • Lasts approximately five times longer than wood
  • Reduced lifetime costs
  • Heavy duty long term value
  • Highly durable, will not rot or crack
  • Good chemical and mechanical performance
  • Low maintenance – no paint or varnish require
  • Can be cut, drilled, nailed, screwed, bolted and stapled
  • Easy to clean
  • Vandal, insect and animal resistance
  • Colour does not fade
  • Fully recyclable
As part of our overall continued commitment we know the importance of looking forward to a brighter future and feel we also have a shared responsibility
in caring for the environment in which we live.
From start to finish the Go Green Recycled range of products have been developed through extensive research and unique waste processing technologies.
UK mixed plastic waste that would otherwise be destined for landfill is converted into
sustainable environmentally friendly products which are 100 % recycled and more importantly 100% recyclable.
As an added commitment the electricity used for manufacture of the products is sourced from renewable sources certified by Scottish and Southern Energy.
With years of experience we have formed partners with a variety of large and small organisations throughout the UK which mainly include local government, education, health and industrial sectors.
In order to encourage further use of recycled plastics we are always seeking opportunities to diverse on our existing products and develop new innovative solutions.
Choosing our highly reputable quality products will avoid the common problems associated with using traditional materials and help you on your way to a cleaner future.