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Reducing the number of vehicles on the roads and encouraging people to cycle can overall cut down on carbon emissions and keep you healthy.

Tamstar can provide you with a secure facility with our range of superb and robust cycle shelters, bike shelters, bike sheds, lockable compounds and accessories that can easily form a part of your surroundings.

Benefits of our Cycle shelter products:-

    • UK manufactured


    • Heavy duty and highly durable


    • Products manufactured from galvanised steel as standard along with a choice of standard colour coatings


  • We offer a bespoke solution service

We are specialist for educational institutions so whatever the size of your project we are confident in delivering an ideal long lasting solution which will meet your expectations. We offer a complete management package from initial consultation and site visit to on-site installation so we are there to help every step of the way.

Benefits of cycling overview:

Cycling offers tangible benefits for those who participate, but there are also wider benefits for society as a whole. The positive contribution to individual’s health, to the environment and problems with congestion are evident, but cycling plays a role in providing more independence to children; improving the quality of life for communities and in many areas supporting tourism. Individuals who resort to cycling as an alternative means of transport benefit our communities in the long run by:

    • Reducing pollution and emission of CO2


    • Improving their general fitness


  • Easing traffic congestion

Studies show that road transport contributes approximately 70% of the air pollution in UK towns and cities. Traffic pollution damages bio-diversity, local climate and degrades the built environment but its greatest impact is on health. Evidence from the department of health suggests air pollution is responsible for 14 – 24,000 hospital admissions each year. In addition road traffic is responsible for 22 % of the UK’s total CO2 emissions. The value of substituting car with cycle trip is higher in areas of greater congestion, creating greater saving for cycling investment in cities than in rural areas.

Encouraging cycling to school or work reduces traffic at peak times, reduces the strain on other forms of transport and cuts travel time for other users. An estimated one in five vehicles is on a school run during the school traffic time.

Cycling to school incorporates physical activity into children’s daily routine and so improving pupil’s fitness levels. It’s a crucial life skill, giving children an early road sense as they take their first steps towards independence. When asked almost half of children would prefer to travel to school by bike, but only 2 % do so?

Making Cycling Popular

Though most children like to cycle to school, we agree that bikes must be road-worthy, schools need

Safe cycle shelters and road traffic is also a concern.

Sustrans Bike It officers already work with hundreds of schools that now allow or encourage cycling to school. There are even primary schools in city centres with almost ten times the national average number of cyclists. They can also rest assured knowing they can be safely stored in cycle shetlers.

Cycle Training

Children need to ride competently, safely and considerately. In England, Bikeability level 1 taeches handling skills; Level 2 introduces quiet local roads; and Level 3 (older pupils) use busy, real-life roads.

Most councils offer courses to primary pupilsatleast – ask your local road safety department for info.

Parents cycling alongside younger children make great role models too, giving informal training and ensuring safety.

Cycle Shelters / Storage

Secure on-site parking for example: Cycle Shelters, Cycle Compounds, Cycle Stands, Scooter Stands

are a great way to encourage pupils to give cycling a go.

Bike events, days and cycle trains

Schools can increase cycling with special events and incentives like cycle displays, police post-coding days, roadworthy checks, bike breakfasts and cycle fun days. Cycle trains are like walking buses, though depend on capable adult cyclist escorts, along with routes suitable for group cycling. Don’t forget to consider the storage in cycle shelters.

Safe Cycle Routes

Maps leaflets or posters, produced by local schools or authorities (showing safe routes around schools) are desirable. School travel plans can then push for route improvements incorporating safe reliable cycle shelters for use.

Cycle Shelters For Schools, Bike Shelters, Bike Sheds, Compounds